iOS 15 Download With 3uTools & How to use shared with you on iOS 15.

The new iOS 15 Shared with You feature is time-saving and convenient, but only if you understand what it is for.

It is true that shared with You is introduced as a new Messages feature in iOS 15 as well as iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey. However, it is not possible for you to find anything if you open up the Messages app.

It is conceivable that you won’t come across any proof of Shared with You. During the beta period, Shared with You might appear to be turned off by default at times. That will most likely change by the time iOS 15 is released because it’s another function where having it default to on is either useful or unnoticeable. It does not obstruct your view if you do not want it.

In order to work using Shared with you, you have to turn it on even if it is turned off by default or by you.

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How to turn on Shared with You

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and select Messages
  3. Tap on Shared with You
  4. Set Automatic Sharing to On

Other choices for fine-tuning what is and isn’t shared with you may be found in this area of Settings. For the time being, even though, simply turning it on is sufficient.

Even though it should be turned on by default, sometimes Shared with You is disabled.

What happens next and, what do you have to do.

You are not required to do anything, and those who send you Messages are not required to do anything new as well. You will see it the same way you always did the next time they send you a link to something via Messages (a website, an Apple Music tune, etc.)

That shared link shows and remains in your Messages thread. However, it is also added to a Shared with You list in the program that is best suited to use it.

So, if you’ve been provided a website link, Safari will be the one to open it. For an instance, if it is music, it’ll be available on Apple Music.

Where to find Safari that has been shared by you

Swipe up to bring up the bottom control bar in Safari. Then touch on the website’s address that displays.

You don’t have to care whether Safari highlights the site’s address. When you open Safari on iOS 15, it displays you a list of alternatives such as Favorites and Frequently Visited as soon as you enter an address.

You’ll see a new Shared with You heading just below those two.

It will also include a Show All option. If you hit that, a list of four sites will appear, depending on how many have been shared with you. To get to that site, tap on any of them. The webpage is still listed in the Shared with You section.

Press and hold the site’s thumbnail to delete it. Then select Remove Link from the drop-down menu.

Where to find shared Music, TV, and Podcasts

It works the same way for any app that can utilize Shared with You. The shared item arrives via Messages and is subsequently added to a Shared with You list within the relevant app.

For example, you may discover the Shared with You playlist on Apple Music by selecting the Listen Now button and scrolling down to the Shared with You playlist.

Because you have to scroll and these items aren’t in your face every time you use the app, it’s usually acceptable to have Shared with You turned on all the time.

Go to Music and select Listen Now, then scroll down to the new Shared with You section.

If it’s becoming too much for you, go to Settings, Messages, and Shared with You, and turn it off.

If there’s only one individual who sends you photographs all the time which you find annoying, you may keep Shared with You turned on but disable it for photos. To some extent, you can fine-tune your preference.

How to customize your Shared with You options in OS 15

  1. Go to Settings, Messages
  2. Choose Shared with You
  3. Turn off any types of item you don’t want

This has nothing to do with preventing you from receiving amusing photographs in your Messages. It’s all about keeping those out of your Photos app, and so on.

Items that can be shared in a Shared with You list in iOS 15

  • Music
  • TV
  • Safari
  • Photos
  • Podcasts
  • News

Any or all of these can be turned off or on. This function doesn’t provide you any additional control; it just stops all photographs. And you can still discover it in Messages when everyone is raving about how amazing the latest “puppy wearing sunglasses” photo is.

All you have to do now is scroll through all of the discussions to find it. The advantage of Shared with You is that these products are there at your fingertips when you use an app that can play them.

It does, however, tell you who shared them. As a result, you’ll always know who to thank. Or maybe not.

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