iOS 15 All Features.

On the 20th of September 2021, Apple released the latest version of iOS, iOS 15, including many new features that were not available in previous iOS releases.
With this release, so many people have been wondering about its newly added features. So, we thought of discussing them in this article.

You can use TutuApp latest version on iOS 15 too.

Please check the all features of iOS 15 and follow the 3uTools guidelines to upgrade your current iOS firmware to the iOS 15.

1.Facetime Calls

1.1 Use Facetime as non-iOS users

If you have friends using Android or Windows devices, here is fantastic news for you. With the latest improvement of the Facetime call app, non-iOS users can participate in calls of iOS users.

1.2 Share Play

This is another one of the latest features added to iOS 15. Apple has made it possible to share your screen with other users. Say you want to give your friends the chance to listen to the song or watch the video that is playing on your screen, with ‘share play’ that is not a dream anymore.

To experience this feature all you must do is tap on the share my screen button while you are in a Facetime call.

1.3 Spatial Audio

Through the, you can get the experience like you are having a face-to-face live chat with the caller.

1.4 Voice isolation

This feature is quite like the noise cancellation feature. When having video calls, all the background noise can be canceled.

1.5 Grid View

When you chat with a group all the members in the chat can be viewed as a grid on a single screen. As the member in the chat speaks, the tile-like grid represents the speaker changes with a white frame.

1.6 Portrait View

Change your background while you are using the Facetime app. With this feature, you can hide your background by blurring it.

1.7 Facetime Link

Generate a face time link and share it with your friends. Participants can join your call simply by clicking on the link. End to end encryption protects your privacy.

2. Apple wallet

If you have been with Apple, you may already know that using an Apple wallet you can make payments with your credit and debit cards. In iOS 15, this app has been developed to use a key. If you have this app, you can use it as a key for your vehicle.

3.Search bar

Unlike in previous iOS versions in iOS 15 Safari browser, the search bar has been designed to the bottom of the screen.

4.Text scanner

With the help of image detection technology now you can get texts scanned. So you can keep some important notes in your phone’s memory. To make this happen all you have to do is hold the scanner against the text that you want to scan.

5.Notification Center

Notification prioritizing features can be found in iOS 15. According to Apple, they have been able to make this possible thanks to AI technology. With AI we can suggest the essential and non-essential notifications

6.Control Center

Next, we are going to check the changes added to the control center. When you open up the control center, you can see a tiny icon named focus. Tap on it. You’ll see a few options. You can manage your profiles by selecting one of these options. In addition to the given focuses, a new focus can be made from here using the new focus option.


You can see the shared content through iMessage separately. Also, shared photos using the iMessage can be viewed as a gallery by swiping either side. Contents like photos can also be pinned to the gallery using the latest pinnable feature.


Since previous versions, Apple has made significant changes to iOS. Features added to Facetime calls can be seen as the most significant changes made to this version.

ZiniTevi The Best Movie Watching Freeware.

ZiniTevi always provides its massive bulk of Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons and Animated Movies for free with all features.

This mobile friendly application supports on iOS and Android platforms.

Moreover you can stream Movies with your Apple TV ,Android smart TV too.

Regularly updating with newly uploaded Movies,and security features.

No need to jailbreak or Root your device too.

Specially not imposing any software restrictions to download and install this application.

You can watch full HD videos with free subtitle service.

ZiniTevi APP Features

  • Direct downloading Videos.
  • Multilingual subtitle service.
  • Full HD Videos.
  • Fast downloading and fast loading speed.
  • No revokes.
  • Regularly updating security features and bug fixings.
  • Always uploading newly released Movies and TV Shows.

This application available completely for free.So you don’t want to give your Credit card details too.

Why you Should Use ZiniTevi ?

There is a bulk of reasons available to make it sure that this is the best way to get your all willing movies for free.

  • Always uploading newly released Movies and TV series.
  • Up to date.
  • Advance security features.
  • No credit card or billing information required.
  • You can share your videos with other friends through ZiniTevi.

ZiniTevi Download On Android

Android platform is the best compatible platform on ZiniTevi.

Very easily you can download and install ZiniTevi APK version on your device.

Please follow our downloading Tutorial respectively.

  • Download the APK file.
  • Then Open it.
  • Go to settings and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Then hit the OK and Install.

ZiniTevi Download On iOS

If you are an iOS user,please download the IPA file.

Then hit the Install.

After you successfully installed this application,please go to Settings>>General>>Profile & device Management.

Then trust this enterprise on your device.

ZiniTevi On Apple TV,Android smart TV

Where you should download and install ZiniTevi on your either device that iOS or Android.

Then open the app and play a video.

Now tap on the cast icon and select your device type that you want to stream the video.

Where your all devices should be connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.


ZiniTevi is the best third party free Movie watching mobile application on both iOS and Android.So we warmly invite on all Movie lovers to users to use ZiniTevi and feel your freedom with thousands of free Movies.

Panda Helper iOS Latest Update.

Panda Helper iOS version is a third-party app store that supports iOS devices. All you know is that Apple tightly regulates their devices from un unauthorized apps and other software. So this function may interrupt your apps needs. So the ideal solution is Panda Helper iOS. It will help you to download your favorite apps, games and other entertainment options without any cost or restrictions.   Third-party apps you can’t download from the Apple App Store. So you can download its iOS version from its official website and then you can install it on your device.

An important fact about Panda Helper is you don’t want to jailbreak your iDevice to download this app store. It is a secure and safer version of your device. It tested on many iOS devices and iOS versions. So you don’t want to worry about its security threats. It has some features that you can feel it is user-friendly. You don’t need to provide your iOS password to download this app. It is small in size so you don’t need too large space to download it. All the apps and games and other entertainment options you can navigate without wasting your time. All are at well organized and categorized manner. Another important fact is it has a user-friendly and unique interface. Before you going to download Panda Helper iOS to your device you should have the following requirements.

1. A good internet connection.

2. IOS devices with iOS 6 to upper running.

3. Your device’s battery should have more than 50% charge.

4. You can make a backup of your important data before you going to download this app.

Here are the steps you need to follow when you going to download and install Panda Helper to your device.

step 1- First of all go to the Panda Helper Home page and download the Panda Helper latest iOS version to your device. You can click allow on the pop-up message when you      going to hit the downloading link.

step 2- Once the download is completed go to the setting > Profile > Download and pick the Panda Helper.

step 3- Now you can click on the install button and further you can enter your password whenever it needs.

step 4- Now you can see The Panda Helper app icon on the Home screen. Now you can open the app and download your favorite apps and tweaks and many more   entertainments without any conditions or cost.

When you open the app, you may find a situation that doesn’t work properly. To resolve that you can follow the following steps.

Go to the Setting > General > Profile and device management > and find the panda helper profile and enable trust Now you can see it work properly. 

Here is another issue with the Panda Helper. You may find a situation that some apps installed from the Panda helper do not work properly. You can resolve that problem as follows.

First of all, enable the Airplane mode and make sure that your wifi is disconnected. And then go to the Safari browser and open its setting then tap on clear history and website data. Now you can exit the airplane mode and open the app. It will work properly.

iOS 15 Download With 3uTools & How to use shared with you on iOS 15.

The new iOS 15 Shared with You feature is time-saving and convenient, but only if you understand what it is for.

It is true that shared with You is introduced as a new Messages feature in iOS 15 as well as iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey. However, it is not possible for you to find anything if you open up the Messages app.

It is conceivable that you won’t come across any proof of Shared with You. During the beta period, Shared with You might appear to be turned off by default at times. That will most likely change by the time iOS 15 is released because it’s another function where having it default to on is either useful or unnoticeable. It does not obstruct your view if you do not want it.

In order to work using Shared with you, you have to turn it on even if it is turned off by default or by you.

iOS 15 Download Using 3uTools

As the best ever iOS helper tool you can use 3uTools indeed.

Please use this tool to download or upgrade your current iOS firmware to the iOS 15.

How to turn on Shared with You

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and select Messages
  3. Tap on Shared with You
  4. Set Automatic Sharing to On

Other choices for fine-tuning what is and isn’t shared with you may be found in this area of Settings. For the time being, even though, simply turning it on is sufficient.

Even though it should be turned on by default, sometimes Shared with You is disabled.

What happens next and, what do you have to do.

You are not required to do anything, and those who send you Messages are not required to do anything new as well. You will see it the same way you always did the next time they send you a link to something via Messages (a website, an Apple Music tune, etc.)

That shared link shows and remains in your Messages thread. However, it is also added to a Shared with You list in the program that is best suited to use it.

So, if you’ve been provided a website link, Safari will be the one to open it. For an instance, if it is music, it’ll be available on Apple Music.

Where to find Safari that has been shared by you

Swipe up to bring up the bottom control bar in Safari. Then touch on the website’s address that displays.

You don’t have to care whether Safari highlights the site’s address. When you open Safari on iOS 15, it displays you a list of alternatives such as Favorites and Frequently Visited as soon as you enter an address.

You’ll see a new Shared with You heading just below those two.

It will also include a Show All option. If you hit that, a list of four sites will appear, depending on how many have been shared with you. To get to that site, tap on any of them. The webpage is still listed in the Shared with You section.

Press and hold the site’s thumbnail to delete it. Then select Remove Link from the drop-down menu.

Where to find shared Music, TV, and Podcasts

It works the same way for any app that can utilize Shared with You. The shared item arrives via Messages and is subsequently added to a Shared with You list within the relevant app.

For example, you may discover the Shared with You playlist on Apple Music by selecting the Listen Now button and scrolling down to the Shared with You playlist.

Because you have to scroll and these items aren’t in your face every time you use the app, it’s usually acceptable to have Shared with You turned on all the time.

Go to Music and select Listen Now, then scroll down to the new Shared with You section.

If it’s becoming too much for you, go to Settings, Messages, and Shared with You, and turn it off.

If there’s only one individual who sends you photographs all the time which you find annoying, you may keep Shared with You turned on but disable it for photos. To some extent, you can fine-tune your preference.

How to customize your Shared with You options in OS 15

  1. Go to Settings, Messages
  2. Choose Shared with You
  3. Turn off any types of item you don’t want

This has nothing to do with preventing you from receiving amusing photographs in your Messages. It’s all about keeping those out of your Photos app, and so on.

Items that can be shared in a Shared with You list in iOS 15

  • Music
  • TV
  • Safari
  • Photos
  • Podcasts
  • News

Any or all of these can be turned off or on. This function doesn’t provide you any additional control; it just stops all photographs. And you can still discover it in Messages when everyone is raving about how amazing the latest “puppy wearing sunglasses” photo is.

All you have to do now is scroll through all of the discussions to find it. The advantage of Shared with You is that these products are there at your fingertips when you use an app that can play them.

It does, however, tell you who shared them. As a result, you’ll always know who to thank. Or maybe not.

The Best TutuApp Alternative Panda Helper.

Panda Helper is the best nominated TutuApp alternative app store.All iOS and Android users can use this amazing and user friendly third party app store to download and install apps and games for free.

Pander Helper Android is one of the best third-party app stores available for Android devices. If you have any Android smart devices with Lollipop to the upper version, you can download and install it to your device. It offers you apps, games, tweaks and many more entertainment options without any cost or restrictions. It won’t change your device setting or interface at all. So you can download it without any worries. But you can’t download it from the Google Play Store. So you will have to download it as an APK file. You can follow the following instructions to install.

How to install & Uninstall Panda Helper APK to your Android device. 

step 1 – You can go to the Panda Helper home page and download its latest APK version using      the given downloading link for free.

step 2 – Tap on “OK” on the security prompt.

step 3 –  Once the download is complete open the APK file and tap on the setting.

step 4 – Then you can select allow from this source to begin the installation.

step 5 – After the installation is finished you can tap n the “Done” button.

step 6 – After those steps, you can a Panda Helper APK icon on the Home screen. Then you can    open it and download your favorite apps and games without any conditions.

Most importantly you don’t need o sign up again and again to use this app.   

If you don’t like this app store, you can uninstall it without harm to your device. For that, you can follow the following steps to do.

step 1- It is the same as the delete apps from other Android apps. 

step 2 – You can go to the setting on your device menu and go to the apps. (It can be different     with the mobile brand and Android version. So you can simply go to the setting and           search for apps.)

step 3 – Then you can find the Panda Helper on your app list.

step 4 – Then you can tap on it and scroll down and the app details and tap on uninstall icon.

step 5 – Then you can see a popup message and tap on “OK” on the message.

step 6 – Then Wait until uninstall process is complete. That’s how you need to uninstall the            app.

How to install Panda Helper on iOS 15. 

Apple releases its latest version of iOS 15. It comes with new features. We test our Panda Helper on iOS 15. It works smoothly on the new version.  Here are the steps you should follow when you going to install Panda Helper for iOS 15.

step 1- You can go to our Home page and download the latest Panda Helper IPA version for iOS 15.

step 2 – Once the page load up, Tap on allow the button to begin download.

step 3 – Now you can see Panda Helper profile will be downloaded on your device.

step 4 – Then you can go to devise setting and select general and then you can select Profile and then install the Panda Helper.

step 5 – After installation, you can see the Panda Helper icon on the Home Screen.

When you use Panda Helper for the first time you may sometimes get the untrusted developer error. You can fix this error by following the steps.

step 1 – First go to the Setting and then select General and go to the Profile.

step 2 – In the profile list look for Panda Helper and tap on it.

step 3 – Then scroll down the pieces of information and tap on Trust.

step 4 – Then you can restart the Panda Helper app. It will help you to overcome this problem.

What Happens when Panda Helper not working on iOS 15.

As you already know it’s still in the beta stage. Technically its means the OS contain bugs and errors. So you can update your iOS to the latest version and run the app again. As a result, it may not be with the Panda Helper app. Other than that make sure that your installed version supporting iOS 15.

Panda Helper is one of the best third party app available for your iPhone or iPad. It contains minimum bugs and errors. However some times some apps or Games may get revoked due to certain reasons. But be assured that these apps will be restored by the developer team as soon as possible. 

The Best Movie Watching Mobile Apps With TutuApp/PandaHelper

  • ZiniTevi
  • MediaBox
  • Popcorn Time
  • MovieBox PRO

MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD Download.

And enjoy your life.

Firstly know about MediaBox HD properly.

After that you can decide whether use or not.

Very funny!

This is the best freeware to watch unlimited Movies.

MediaBox HD App Features

  • Fast loading and downloading speed.
  • Simple interface.
  • Direct download of videos.
  • Changeable themes.
  • Small in size.

So you can experience more other features too.

What are the things that you can do with MediaBox HD ?

Importantly you can download videos and store not in your device but in the app.

Free registration without using your email.

Moreover you can use this app even with your childrens.

But how ?

This app provides Kids Mode.

Therefore you can keep away your child from this app indeed.

MediaBox HD Download

If you are willing to download MediaBox HD on your mobile,so this is the way.

Make your device a suitable place with following.

MediaBox HD Requirements

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Compatible smart phone(iOS/Android)
  • The latest IPA/APK file

So if you have fulfilled the requirements,now follow the instructions below.

MediaBox HD APK Download

Firstly download the APK file

Secondly Turn off your device Wi-Fi connection.

Thirdly tap open.

After that go to settings and enable Unknown sources.

Back to the scene and hit Install.

MediaBox HD iOS Download

Hit the download button.

Now tap Install.

Then navigate Settings>>General>>Profile and Device Management.

Trust this enterprise on your device.

MediaBox HD download Apple TV

You can follow our complete guidelines via the download button.

MediaBox HD download Android Smart TV

In the same vein follow the instructions through our ultimate guidelines.

In addition this app support with your iPad/Android Tablet too.

You can use as your pocket movie theater.

The Best MediaBox HD Alternative

Where we have the best way to compare with MediaBox HD.ZiniTevi stands with millions of free Movies,Cartoons,Animated Movies and much more.So you can download right now this application as your alternative movie streaming application.


Finally we can get an idea roughly about MediaBox HD.

This is the recommended movie streaming free app.

100% free to download and install.

Use and share your ideas with us.

Thank you!

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 & The Latest Update.

TutuApp has been updating regularly with the latest features.

As a result of that you have the latest version of this application.

So you can enjoy TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 & the latest update.

Most importantly this app has provided some security updates.

We would like to invite you guys to join with us and keep touch with the latest updates of TutuApp.

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 Features

  • Well categorized apps and games.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Paid apps for free
  • All apps and games are free to download.
  • Similarly shows your device default app store features.
  • Most importantly small in size.
  • As a result shows fast loading speed.

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 shows well categorized pattern

Therefore it will be a convenience app on its users.

So you can search your favorites through following short categories.

  • Collection
  • Gacha
  • MOD
  • Video
  • Mini Game

As a result of that you can easily navigate to your destination.

Everyone is playing on TutuApp APK V 3.6.6

  1. Minecraft
  2. Subway Surfers
  3. Leturn-RPG Offline
  4. The Game Of Life 2
  5. Micro RPG MOD

Moreover we do hope to give you a complete list of games and apps that you can use on your mobile phone too.

How to download TutuApp APK V 3.6.6

01.Firstly tap on the download button.

02:Secondly tap on the download option.

03:Thirdly tap on the Open when the downloading completed.

04:After that go to Settings and enable Unknown sources.

05:Back to the previous location and tap Install.

06:After the installation completed you can use this app on your device.

However if you are already using the previous version of TutuApp APK,you can very simple update to the latest version with tapping on Update Now.

Meanwhile you can share your favorite App/Game with your friends through social medias.

Above all key features are available on all users.

If you are a TutuApp VIP member, you will be experienced more other benefits too.

Best Movie Watching Free Apps With TutuApp

So this is extremely for Movie Lovers.

Thus please search for Zinitevi on TutuApp.

This is the best freeware to watch unlimited free Movies & TV Shows.


In conclusion TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 is the best and well secured freeware to use instead of google play store.

Therefore we highly recommend this application for all Android users to use.

TutuApp Windows Version Download In 2021.

You have made a great hit via our TutuApp Windows page indeed.This will be changed your entire philosophy on mobile applications indeed.This is a big step on mobile application users to go beyond their limited framework.Specially this PC version of TutuApp has been created as a support on iOS users.Apple users are the most restricted party comparing with others.So this will help you to break your limitations and restrictions without harming your device settings or other features at all.

Where you may ask that why should I use a PC instead of directly downloading on my iPhone/iPad ?we have an answer for you.Please keep reading and it will be make clear your messed.

Why you should use your PC instead of your mobile phone ?

  • This will help you to avoid from apps cruising
  • You can avoid from iOS jailbreak
  • This will help you to download apps and games without verifying
  • This version will let you to download vast range of apps & games more than your iPhone/iPad

TutuApp compatible Windows Versions

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac

TutuApp Windows downloading Tutorial

Step 01:Hit the downloading button

Step 02:TutuApp setup file will be begun to download on your PC

Step 03:Then you should open your downloaded setup file to install

Step 04:Continue with Click OK

Step 05:Then hit Install

Step 06:Installation process will be taken a while

Step 07:Once the installation finished,check out your Home screen and open the tool to use

Before you use TutuApp

We recommend following most important steps to implement before you are going to done this process by yourselves.

  • Please download & install the latest version of iTunes on your PC/Laptop.This will help to verify your device on TutuApp.
  • If you need a backup ,please make it.
  • Please use a device which charged at least 50%

We suppose that you may gained enough information with our educational guides.If you have suggestions related with this application,please leave a comment on us and we respect to know about your ideas too.Thank you and have a fun with TutuApp.

TutuApp VIP Download & Installation Guidelines-(Tutorial Guides)

TutuApp VIP version is the payable version of TutuApp.This version of this product possess few very important features more than its regular free version.This version is available for few amount of credits and not too much.Please check this Tutorial guide and make your iOS device an app paradise without restrictions.Prior to you begin this journey,please read all about this application and its features as well as advantages more than your device default app store.

What is TutuApp VIP ?

TutuApp VIP is the payable version of this application which available with more features than its regular free version.You have to register as a VIP member then you are free to use apps and games for free.

What are the features of TutuApp VIP ?

  • Exclusive apps & games
  • Genuine apps and games
  • No need money to download and install apps and games
  • Newer games
  • Customize your iOS device
  • Ads free

What is TutuApp Regular Free ?

TutuApp regular free version is completely free to download and installing.When you are using this application it will display ads and you can download and install limited range of free apps and games.

How to bind your UDID

This process need only for the users who had a VIP account already.If you are a new member for VIP and you are going to purchase for this version right now,you don’t need this step at all.

How to bind with UDID

You just need open the application on your device & login with your email address and the password.

Then get the UDID to complete the binding

How to download TutuApp VIP

You can download this application very easily with our tutorial guidelines.

Please follow the tutorial instructions properly.

Step 01:Please use the downloading button to download the application

Step 02:Then tap on Download TutuApp VIP

Step 03:Then tap Allow

Step 04:No tap Install

Step 05:Click Continue

Step 06:Tap Open

Step 07:Now Install TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP Apps

TFT:Teamfight Tactics


Temple Run 2 Hack


Pokemon Go Hack USA Union Square


WhatsApp++ v2.20.90

Temple Run Hack

Dead Cells


NBA 2K20

Here we have given top apps and games of VIP version of TutuApp.More other apps and games are available with TutuApp VIP.All are free to use .


TutuApp VIP is the best place for iOS users to live without Apple software restrictions.You are free to use TutuApp VIP without jailbreaking your iOS firmware.

Disclaimer is not directly affiliated with TutuApp or its owners.This website is an educational website and we are just providing an educational tutorial guidelines for users who are willing to know about it.Therefore we are not responsible on any matter or issues that might be arrised with TutuApp or its contents.Thus users must take their own risk when they use this application.

TutuApp Update Note With iOS 14-iOS 15

Currently Apple has released its iOS 14 versions to the public with a huge number of updates and security upgrades.Newly added features available with this new version of Apple and you will be experience a real live experience on your iPhone/iPad.You can use iOS 14.2 as the latest firmware and Apple developing team working hard to give you its upcoming latest firmware iOS 15 in near future.So we are awaiting to give you the news as soon as it launched for you.

TutuApp Download On iOS 14-iOS 15

TutuApp iOS 14 version worked very well.Now we are going to check that how it goes with iOS 15 versions.If you are an iPhone/iPad user ,this is the way to use a third party free app store on your device without imposing a restriction.

Apple has not been yet released its iOS 15 version on public.But they are preparing it as the next big step of Apple world.Please join with us and get the news from us.

Why you should use TutuApp on iOS 15 ?

There are tons of reasons to use TutuApp on your iOS 15.But where we are mentioning few important points that most prominant.

  • 100% free to download and install
  • All apps and games are free to download and install
  • Unofficial apps and games available
  • No need to jailbreak your iDevice
  • No need to provide your credit card details
  • No need Apple ID or Password

Therefor you are free from all Apple hardware and software restrictions in this fact.No need to any registration to download TutuApp.All apps and games which Apple app store does not allow you can get from this app store for free.

TutuApp VIP On iOS 15

TutuApp has a VIP version.This is a payable version of this application.You should pay for this and you will be able to get unexpected experience with TutuApp VIP on your iOS 15.

  • Exclusive apps and games
  • Ads free
  • Fast loading and downloading
  • No revokes
  • Lifetime durability


TutuApp latest version will be compatible with iOS 15 and upcoming iOS versions.So just follow our downloading guidelines and download this amazing app store on your device for free.All downloading links are available with this.