iOS 15 All Features.

On the 20th of September 2021, Apple released the latest version of iOS, iOS 15, including many new features that were not available in previous iOS releases.
With this release, so many people have been wondering about its newly added features. So, we thought of discussing them in this article.

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1.Facetime Calls

1.1 Use Facetime as non-iOS users

If you have friends using Android or Windows devices, here is fantastic news for you. With the latest improvement of the Facetime call app, non-iOS users can participate in calls of iOS users.

1.2 Share Play

This is another one of the latest features added to iOS 15. Apple has made it possible to share your screen with other users. Say you want to give your friends the chance to listen to the song or watch the video that is playing on your screen, with ‘share play’ that is not a dream anymore.

To experience this feature all you must do is tap on the share my screen button while you are in a Facetime call.

1.3 Spatial Audio

Through the, you can get the experience like you are having a face-to-face live chat with the caller.

1.4 Voice isolation

This feature is quite like the noise cancellation feature. When having video calls, all the background noise can be canceled.

1.5 Grid View

When you chat with a group all the members in the chat can be viewed as a grid on a single screen. As the member in the chat speaks, the tile-like grid represents the speaker changes with a white frame.

1.6 Portrait View

Change your background while you are using the Facetime app. With this feature, you can hide your background by blurring it.

1.7 Facetime Link

Generate a face time link and share it with your friends. Participants can join your call simply by clicking on the link. End to end encryption protects your privacy.

2. Apple wallet

If you have been with Apple, you may already know that using an Apple wallet you can make payments with your credit and debit cards. In iOS 15, this app has been developed to use a key. If you have this app, you can use it as a key for your vehicle.

3.Search bar

Unlike in previous iOS versions in iOS 15 Safari browser, the search bar has been designed to the bottom of the screen.

4.Text scanner

With the help of image detection technology now you can get texts scanned. So you can keep some important notes in your phone’s memory. To make this happen all you have to do is hold the scanner against the text that you want to scan.

5.Notification Center

Notification prioritizing features can be found in iOS 15. According to Apple, they have been able to make this possible thanks to AI technology. With AI we can suggest the essential and non-essential notifications

6.Control Center

Next, we are going to check the changes added to the control center. When you open up the control center, you can see a tiny icon named focus. Tap on it. You’ll see a few options. You can manage your profiles by selecting one of these options. In addition to the given focuses, a new focus can be made from here using the new focus option.


You can see the shared content through iMessage separately. Also, shared photos using the iMessage can be viewed as a gallery by swiping either side. Contents like photos can also be pinned to the gallery using the latest pinnable feature.


Since previous versions, Apple has made significant changes to iOS. Features added to Facetime calls can be seen as the most significant changes made to this version.

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