iOS 15 All Features.

On the 20th of September 2021, Apple released the latest version of iOS, iOS 15, including many new features that were not available in previous iOS releases.
With this release, so many people have been wondering about its newly added features. So, we thought of discussing them in this article.

You can use TutuApp latest version on iOS 15 too.

Please check the all features of iOS 15 and follow the 3uTools guidelines to upgrade your current iOS firmware to the iOS 15.

1.Facetime Calls

1.1 Use Facetime as non-iOS users

If you have friends using Android or Windows devices, here is fantastic news for you. With the latest improvement of the Facetime call app, non-iOS users can participate in calls of iOS users.

1.2 Share Play

This is another one of the latest features added to iOS 15. Apple has made it possible to share your screen with other users. Say you want to give your friends the chance to listen to the song or watch the video that is playing on your screen, with ‘share play’ that is not a dream anymore.

To experience this feature all you must do is tap on the share my screen button while you are in a Facetime call.

1.3 Spatial Audio

Through the, you can get the experience like you are having a face-to-face live chat with the caller.

1.4 Voice isolation

This feature is quite like the noise cancellation feature. When having video calls, all the background noise can be canceled.

1.5 Grid View

When you chat with a group all the members in the chat can be viewed as a grid on a single screen. As the member in the chat speaks, the tile-like grid represents the speaker changes with a white frame.

1.6 Portrait View

Change your background while you are using the Facetime app. With this feature, you can hide your background by blurring it.

1.7 Facetime Link

Generate a face time link and share it with your friends. Participants can join your call simply by clicking on the link. End to end encryption protects your privacy.

2. Apple wallet

If you have been with Apple, you may already know that using an Apple wallet you can make payments with your credit and debit cards. In iOS 15, this app has been developed to use a key. If you have this app, you can use it as a key for your vehicle.

3.Search bar

Unlike in previous iOS versions in iOS 15 Safari browser, the search bar has been designed to the bottom of the screen.

4.Text scanner

With the help of image detection technology now you can get texts scanned. So you can keep some important notes in your phone’s memory. To make this happen all you have to do is hold the scanner against the text that you want to scan.

5.Notification Center

Notification prioritizing features can be found in iOS 15. According to Apple, they have been able to make this possible thanks to AI technology. With AI we can suggest the essential and non-essential notifications

6.Control Center

Next, we are going to check the changes added to the control center. When you open up the control center, you can see a tiny icon named focus. Tap on it. You’ll see a few options. You can manage your profiles by selecting one of these options. In addition to the given focuses, a new focus can be made from here using the new focus option.


You can see the shared content through iMessage separately. Also, shared photos using the iMessage can be viewed as a gallery by swiping either side. Contents like photos can also be pinned to the gallery using the latest pinnable feature.


Since previous versions, Apple has made significant changes to iOS. Features added to Facetime calls can be seen as the most significant changes made to this version.

The Best TutuApp Alternative Panda Helper.

Panda Helper is the best nominated TutuApp alternative app store.All iOS and Android users can use this amazing and user friendly third party app store to download and install apps and games for free.

Pander Helper Android is one of the best third-party app stores available for Android devices. If you have any Android smart devices with Lollipop to the upper version, you can download and install it to your device. It offers you apps, games, tweaks and many more entertainment options without any cost or restrictions. It won’t change your device setting or interface at all. So you can download it without any worries. But you can’t download it from the Google Play Store. So you will have to download it as an APK file. You can follow the following instructions to install.

How to install & Uninstall Panda Helper APK to your Android device. 

step 1 – You can go to the Panda Helper home page and download its latest APK version using      the given downloading link for free.

step 2 – Tap on “OK” on the security prompt.

step 3 –  Once the download is complete open the APK file and tap on the setting.

step 4 – Then you can select allow from this source to begin the installation.

step 5 – After the installation is finished you can tap n the “Done” button.

step 6 – After those steps, you can a Panda Helper APK icon on the Home screen. Then you can    open it and download your favorite apps and games without any conditions.

Most importantly you don’t need o sign up again and again to use this app.   

If you don’t like this app store, you can uninstall it without harm to your device. For that, you can follow the following steps to do.

step 1- It is the same as the delete apps from other Android apps. 

step 2 – You can go to the setting on your device menu and go to the apps. (It can be different     with the mobile brand and Android version. So you can simply go to the setting and           search for apps.)

step 3 – Then you can find the Panda Helper on your app list.

step 4 – Then you can tap on it and scroll down and the app details and tap on uninstall icon.

step 5 – Then you can see a popup message and tap on “OK” on the message.

step 6 – Then Wait until uninstall process is complete. That’s how you need to uninstall the            app.

How to install Panda Helper on iOS 15. 

Apple releases its latest version of iOS 15. It comes with new features. We test our Panda Helper on iOS 15. It works smoothly on the new version.  Here are the steps you should follow when you going to install Panda Helper for iOS 15.

step 1- You can go to our Home page and download the latest Panda Helper IPA version for iOS 15.

step 2 – Once the page load up, Tap on allow the button to begin download.

step 3 – Now you can see Panda Helper profile will be downloaded on your device.

step 4 – Then you can go to devise setting and select general and then you can select Profile and then install the Panda Helper.

step 5 – After installation, you can see the Panda Helper icon on the Home Screen.

When you use Panda Helper for the first time you may sometimes get the untrusted developer error. You can fix this error by following the steps.

step 1 – First go to the Setting and then select General and go to the Profile.

step 2 – In the profile list look for Panda Helper and tap on it.

step 3 – Then scroll down the pieces of information and tap on Trust.

step 4 – Then you can restart the Panda Helper app. It will help you to overcome this problem.

What Happens when Panda Helper not working on iOS 15.

As you already know it’s still in the beta stage. Technically its means the OS contain bugs and errors. So you can update your iOS to the latest version and run the app again. As a result, it may not be with the Panda Helper app. Other than that make sure that your installed version supporting iOS 15.

Panda Helper is one of the best third party app available for your iPhone or iPad. It contains minimum bugs and errors. However some times some apps or Games may get revoked due to certain reasons. But be assured that these apps will be restored by the developer team as soon as possible. 

The Best Movie Watching Mobile Apps With TutuApp/PandaHelper

  • ZiniTevi
  • MediaBox
  • Popcorn Time
  • MovieBox PRO

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 & The Latest Update.

TutuApp has been updating regularly with the latest features.

As a result of that you have the latest version of this application.

So you can enjoy TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 & the latest update.

Most importantly this app has provided some security updates.

We would like to invite you guys to join with us and keep touch with the latest updates of TutuApp.

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 Features

  • Well categorized apps and games.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • Paid apps for free
  • All apps and games are free to download.
  • Similarly shows your device default app store features.
  • Most importantly small in size.
  • As a result shows fast loading speed.

TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 shows well categorized pattern

Therefore it will be a convenience app on its users.

So you can search your favorites through following short categories.

  • Collection
  • Gacha
  • MOD
  • Video
  • Mini Game

As a result of that you can easily navigate to your destination.

Everyone is playing on TutuApp APK V 3.6.6

  1. Minecraft
  2. Subway Surfers
  3. Leturn-RPG Offline
  4. The Game Of Life 2
  5. Micro RPG MOD

Moreover we do hope to give you a complete list of games and apps that you can use on your mobile phone too.

How to download TutuApp APK V 3.6.6

01.Firstly tap on the download button.

02:Secondly tap on the download option.

03:Thirdly tap on the Open when the downloading completed.

04:After that go to Settings and enable Unknown sources.

05:Back to the previous location and tap Install.

06:After the installation completed you can use this app on your device.

However if you are already using the previous version of TutuApp APK,you can very simple update to the latest version with tapping on Update Now.

Meanwhile you can share your favorite App/Game with your friends through social medias.

Above all key features are available on all users.

If you are a TutuApp VIP member, you will be experienced more other benefits too.

Best Movie Watching Free Apps With TutuApp

So this is extremely for Movie Lovers.

Thus please search for Zinitevi on TutuApp.

This is the best freeware to watch unlimited free Movies & TV Shows.


In conclusion TutuApp APK V 3.6.6 is the best and well secured freeware to use instead of google play store.

Therefore we highly recommend this application for all Android users to use.

TutuApp Windows Version Download In 2021.

You have made a great hit via our TutuApp Windows page indeed.This will be changed your entire philosophy on mobile applications indeed.This is a big step on mobile application users to go beyond their limited framework.Specially this PC version of TutuApp has been created as a support on iOS users.Apple users are the most restricted party comparing with others.So this will help you to break your limitations and restrictions without harming your device settings or other features at all.

Where you may ask that why should I use a PC instead of directly downloading on my iPhone/iPad ?we have an answer for you.Please keep reading and it will be make clear your messed.

Why you should use your PC instead of your mobile phone ?

  • This will help you to avoid from apps cruising
  • You can avoid from iOS jailbreak
  • This will help you to download apps and games without verifying
  • This version will let you to download vast range of apps & games more than your iPhone/iPad

TutuApp compatible Windows Versions

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac

TutuApp Windows downloading Tutorial

Step 01:Hit the downloading button

Step 02:TutuApp setup file will be begun to download on your PC

Step 03:Then you should open your downloaded setup file to install

Step 04:Continue with Click OK

Step 05:Then hit Install

Step 06:Installation process will be taken a while

Step 07:Once the installation finished,check out your Home screen and open the tool to use

Before you use TutuApp

We recommend following most important steps to implement before you are going to done this process by yourselves.

  • Please download & install the latest version of iTunes on your PC/Laptop.This will help to verify your device on TutuApp.
  • If you need a backup ,please make it.
  • Please use a device which charged at least 50%

We suppose that you may gained enough information with our educational guides.If you have suggestions related with this application,please leave a comment on us and we respect to know about your ideas too.Thank you and have a fun with TutuApp.

TutuApp VIP Download & Installation Guidelines-(Tutorial Guides)

TutuApp VIP version is the payable version of TutuApp.This version of this product possess few very important features more than its regular free version.This version is available for few amount of credits and not too much.Please check this Tutorial guide and make your iOS device an app paradise without restrictions.Prior to you begin this journey,please read all about this application and its features as well as advantages more than your device default app store.

What is TutuApp VIP ?

TutuApp VIP is the payable version of this application which available with more features than its regular free version.You have to register as a VIP member then you are free to use apps and games for free.

What are the features of TutuApp VIP ?

  • Exclusive apps & games
  • Genuine apps and games
  • No need money to download and install apps and games
  • Newer games
  • Customize your iOS device
  • Ads free

What is TutuApp Regular Free ?

TutuApp regular free version is completely free to download and installing.When you are using this application it will display ads and you can download and install limited range of free apps and games.

How to bind your UDID

This process need only for the users who had a VIP account already.If you are a new member for VIP and you are going to purchase for this version right now,you don’t need this step at all.

How to bind with UDID

You just need open the application on your device & login with your email address and the password.

Then get the UDID to complete the binding

How to download TutuApp VIP

You can download this application very easily with our tutorial guidelines.

Please follow the tutorial instructions properly.

Step 01:Please use the downloading button to download the application

Step 02:Then tap on Download TutuApp VIP

Step 03:Then tap Allow

Step 04:No tap Install

Step 05:Click Continue

Step 06:Tap Open

Step 07:Now Install TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP Apps

TFT:Teamfight Tactics


Temple Run 2 Hack


Pokemon Go Hack USA Union Square


WhatsApp++ v2.20.90

Temple Run Hack

Dead Cells


NBA 2K20

Here we have given top apps and games of VIP version of TutuApp.More other apps and games are available with TutuApp VIP.All are free to use .


TutuApp VIP is the best place for iOS users to live without Apple software restrictions.You are free to use TutuApp VIP without jailbreaking your iOS firmware.

Disclaimer is not directly affiliated with TutuApp or its owners.This website is an educational website and we are just providing an educational tutorial guidelines for users who are willing to know about it.Therefore we are not responsible on any matter or issues that might be arrised with TutuApp or its contents.Thus users must take their own risk when they use this application.

TutuApp Latest Download On iOS 14

With releasing Apple its latest version,iOS 14 to the public ,TutuApp team has redesigned TutuApp with newer features and updates.iOS 14 has created a fresh environment with a well categorized apps.You can fast your activities with this newly releasing iOS firmware and feel natural with high security features.Even though security tight with this firmware,TutuApp latest version downloading and installing will not be banned.As a third party free app store this application will be provided its service on iOS 14 without any performance decreasing.All latest apps and games are available on this application with following features.

  • Paid apps and games for free
  • Fast loading speed
  • All apps are downloadable & install free
  • Ads free
  • VIP version also available
  • Newer user friendly interface
  • Simple to navigate

Those who TutuApp already using peoples already know about the reasons that why you should use this application.But following details will be helpful to be known about the TutuApp furthermore, even for a newer user.

Why you should use TutuApp ?

This is the only third party application that you can use on iOS 14 as yor app store.Not required advance software settings and requirements.Thus this application download and use will be a convenienced for you.

How to download and install TutuApp

Please go to our downloading page and follow the same steps as we mentioned below.

Download the IPA file on your iPhone

Then open the downloaded file on your device

Hit the install button

After the installation finished ,go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management

Trust this enterprise on your device

Legal Requirements

This application download and install doesn’t require any iOS jailbreak.That’s meant this application download and install legally 100% OK.

You don’t need to change your device software settings

Your device warranty will not be cancelled


iOS 14 is the best creation of Apple.When TutuApp combined with iOS 14 it gives a great service to its users fascinatively.Please upgrade your current iOS firmware to the iOS 14 and download TutuApp on your iPhone.Then experience this newer version and share your ideas on it.Thank you.

TutuApp iOS Latest Updates On 27.07.2020

Hei guys, Apple released their latest IOS 13 version and some of its updates recently. So here some good news regarding
TutuApp Store. TutuApp developers update it to IOS 13 and its updates release regularly. It has a free regular version and
the payable VIP version. In 2020 its realise its latest IOS version with more features. As you know that TutuApp IOS not in
the official IOS app market. It comes with a new feature that you can transfer apps via wifi it supports like Share it and
Xender. Now it is all in one app. It will never letdown you with your needs.

You cant download it from the Apple App Store. Here we give you a direct downloading link. So withing one click you can
download it. It works on iOS 8 or iOS 13+ versions. It is a well-known third-party app store for your device. Latest TutuApp
IOS version comes with memory optimization functions. So it will boost your devices speed indeed. Also, we bring you the
installing steps to save time.

  • First you should download Tutuapp IPA file to your IOS device.
  • After downloading, you should go to the device setting.
  • On setting you should go to the Profile management option.
  • Then search for utuAppIOS file on profile Management.
  • Click the trust on TutuApp and then run it.
  • Once it installation finish open the app and enjoy.

We know that some people are saying that Tutuapp is a hacking app it hacks your device and viral your personal details from
your device. Those are rumours. TutuApp IOS gives you with the best of security. It will never change your personal details
on your smart device.So you don’t need to worry about such things. Here are some of the feature you can experience with
Tutuapp IOS latest version.

  • It will help you to increase your device speed using phone cleaner feature.
  • It will never get hang in any condition.
  • Also you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device for download this amazing app store.
  • Tutuapp store will provide you with safety on your IOS devices.
  • Most importantly it will help you to download thousand of Games, Ebooks, Music, movies and many more things without any cost.
  • No need to provide your Apple ID to log in for use TutuApp on IOS 13 version.

The best thing about TutuApp IOS is it has a userfriendly interface. All the quality apps are ordered with well-organized
manner. So it is pretty easy to navigate your favourite apps. Now the latest version of Tutuapp IOS comes with a different
type of tools. so it helps to protect your phone from unwanted things such as viruses. Don’t worry Tutuapp provide you with
the best security. So you can download it without any hesitation.


TutuApp IOS store is a complete safer and secure app store for your device. the developer regularly scans its app for
detecting viruses. Also, it is the smoothest app that works with IOS device. You can use TutuApp Store instead of Apple App
Store. It comes with new features so you can download it and share your experience regarding Tutuapp with your friends.
It is the most secured and safer way to download your Favourite Apps Games on your IOS device.

TutuApp Latest Statuses Review

Hey, guys here we come with some good news. TutuApp is an alternative app store for Android devices as well as IOS users such
as iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch devices. Also, it has a PC version. It will help you to download some valuable apps that
aren’t available in the official market places. Also, it will help you to download apps that present in the official market
place. Most importantly it offers you some of the valuable apps free for downloads. that is the one reason why you can’t find
the TutuApp in the official market place. Another reason, It is the direct competitor to Google. Features that you can
download from the TutuApp store.

  • Games.
  • Ringing tones.
  • Themes.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Movies.
  • Songs.
  • Educational apps.

Here’s why you should download TutuApp to your device. It is the best third-party app store so far. Recently it changes its
name to TutuApp helper. TutuApp is a trustable app also its has phone cleaner feature that protects your phone from the
viruses and other harmful things. Most importantly it protects your device RAM. It has some unique features than the other
third-party app stores.

  • TutuApp is available in multiple languages.
  • Well organized and ordered manner easy to navigate your favourite apps.
  • Its a Regular updating app store.
  • It offers thousands of high-quality apps and games collection.
  • It is free from the apps.
  • It compatible with the most of Android, IOS device along with PC.
  • User-friendly interface easy to navigate.

TutuApp store is a Chinese version of the app store also available in the English language. You can download it according
to your device’s platform. Here are the steps how do you download apps from Tutuapp store.

  • First open the app store.
  • If you can signup or proceed without creating an account.
  • Search what you want.
  • Select one app from the suggestions.
  • Finally tap “Get” on dialogue box prompts to download the app.

All the apps are rated according to the ratings of the apps. So you can get the best out of the best. As you already know
that third party apps need manual updates according to a timely basis. It offers all the apps without any cost or restrictions
for you. It contains with targe number of Games. So you will love to play endless games with TutuApp store.


TutuApp store is the best third-party app store among the IOS and Android users. It offers high-quality apps and games for
free. It is an ads-free version also it promotes instantaneous downloads. Also, It is a regular updating app store. You can
get the updates about latest trending apps.


How can we download TutuApp Store?

You can download TutuApp store from the direct download links provided by the page.

Is it a safe app for download.

It is a 100% safer app for download. It does have some security issues to concern. So you can download TutuApp
Store without any worry.

TutuApp apkpure

TutuApp apkpure ready to give your free opprtunity with its best performance and best features.Please check the newest application with your golden valuable time using your own mobile device.

The most important factor that you should keep on your mind when you are using this application on your device is that this is a completely free to download and install.Therefor please do not pay for this application at all.No need to provide your credit card details.

Download TutuApp Latest APK v3.5.0

TutuApp APK v3.5.0 is the latest version for the Android devices. It is the best Third-party app store so far among them. As you know
its come with a VIP version and a regular version. The free regular version doesn’t occupy much space also it is work brilliantly with
Android 4.4 and above versions. You can download it without any downloading manager.
It contains thousands of free games (Pokemon Go, Minecraft Pe and ext.) for downloads. It will help to download lots of Android apps
including payable ones also.
Apart from that, you can download this app store for your PC.

Recently TutuApp changed its name to Tutuapp helper. The new version of Tutuapp touch with many features when you compare with the
previous version. Here are some features you can experience with the Tutuapp Android APK latest version.

  • It is compatible with the most of Android devices.
  • It has a unique and userfriendly interface.
  • TutuApp is available with the multiple languages.
  • It apps and games are auto-updates on a regular basis.
  • Tutuapp offers you thousand of Play Store apps and games collection.
  • Now it is free from ads.
  • No need to root the device.

Within a few steps and few seconds, you can download tutuApp Store to your device.

  • First you should download TutuApp APK latest version from using direct downloading access given below.
  • then, you can find that file on your devices file manager and click on that file.
  • when you click that file you will see an option install, again click on it.
  • Then it may ask you about some kind of permission.
  • Then you can go to settings and open security option.
  • When you go there you will see an unknown source option. then you can enable the unknown source option.
  • After that, you will be able to install Tutuapp store to your device.
  • When it finished, you can open the app store and fulfil your apps needs without any restrictions.

TutuApp Android is an interesting app store. It easy to navigate apps without wasting your valuable time. Some peoples tell rumours about
Tutuapp store. It is not a hacking app so you can use it without worry. Most importantly it is a trusted app worldwide with more than
12 million downloads. you can get Tutuapp 2020 latest version to your Android device by following the method we have shown to you.
It is the secure and safe way to download Tutuapp latest version.
TutuApp consists of two versions one is the free regular version and another one is VIP version. Both are very useful. There are no
restrictions regarding download Tutuapp store.


TutuApp is the best ever third party app-store available at the moment for Android users. You can download it with direct downloading
links. For installing it you can follow our guidelines. So download Tutuapp store, We hope that you will like it so much. Now you can
download its new featured version, and install it to your Android device. Please make feedback to improve our services to the next level.

List Of Top 60 TutuApp Free Apps & Games In 2020

You may an user or not of the TutuApp.It doesn’t matter.This article will help you both guys to define some important sides of this application and its contents.Currently this application available on iOS,Android & Windows platforms.Your PC also you can use as your app store with TutuApp.You can set this application on your PC as an apps store.This application is regularly updating with the securirty updates and the previous bug fixings.

Compatible iOS,Android,Windows
Download TypeDirect
Total Downloads1000000+
File TypeIPA/APK

Top Apps

  1. WhatsApp++ v2.20.71
  2. Facebook++
  3. uncOver(Jailbreak tool) v5.2.0
  4. ZiniTevi
  5. iTransmission PRO
  6. Tik Tok Unicorn v12.4.0
  7. You Tube Music
  9. EveryCord-Record & Broadcast
  10. Majhul
  11. BBM Plus
  12. Artstudio Pro
  13. Unicorn
  14. Bright-English For Beginners
  15. Instagram++
  16. Olli by Tinrocket
  17. KineMaster-Pro Video Editor
  18. Everycord
  19. ppsspp
  20. ThemeGear-Live Wallpapers
  21. Messenger
  22. Jodel++
  23. Jawwy TV
  24. Taskade-Lists,Notes,Chat
  25. Duoligo Hack
  26. LiloMovies
  27. Pixaloop Hack
  28. Home Design Makeover Hack
  29. My Home-Design Dreams Hack
  30. TwitterLabs

Top Games

  1. Slap Kings Hack v1.2.0
  2. Johnny Trigger Hack v1.9.5
  3. Left To Survive:Zombie Games Hack v3.9.1
  4. Night of the full Moon Hack v19.12
  5. Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues Hack v2.1.10
  6. Games Of War
  7. NBA 2K20
  8. Monopoly Hack v1.2
  9. The King of fighter
  10. Asphalt 8
  11. Football manager 2020 Hack v11.3.0
  12. Asphalt 9
  13. Cafeland-World Kitchen Hack v2.1.37
  14. Archero Hack v2.0.1
  15. Bloons TD 6 Hack v19.1
  16. Injustice 2 Hack V4.0.1
  17. Cytus 2 hack v3.2.0
  18. Angry Birds 2 Hack v2.42
  19. Stick War
  20. Kung Fu Clicker
  21. Guardian Soul
  22. Sky Force Reloaded Hack v1.90
  23. Bowmasters Multiplayer Game Hack
  24. 8 Ball Pool Hack v4.8.5
  25. Monster Merge King Hack v1.1.7
  26. Dash Quest 2 Hack v1.2.81
  27. Tap Tap Fish
  28. Smite Bitz Hack v1.1.4
  29. Dino Tamers:Jurasic MMORPG Hack v3.0
  30. Property Brothers Home Design Hack v1.4.2

You can use more than 10000 of free apps and games with TutuApp latest version.All apps and games are free to download and install.

TutuApp VIP Version

This application’s VIP version available with three packages.According to your budget you can select your package.This version specially important to get no revoke and no ads.